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Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

Dessert Lover? You would love this.

I’ve seen this place but only got to check it out last week. The place is okay not very fancy and they sell chocolates in the cafes as well.


This is Melting chocolate Souffle. Similar to our volcano larva chocolate where when we cut, the larva melt out but this one it doesn’t because only a bit of it inside. But still, its nice and delicious because its not too sweet! It can be served with strawberry but i refused this time around.


Next is Cappuccino Chocolate. They Call this cup Kangaroo cup because theres a small compartment for the chocolate.. so when you sip the drink, the chocolate melt together in the sip,  =P interesting isn’t it!

Thats my Max Brenner Chocolate Bar first time experience and i hope they have something like Magnum though. *wink*

The Heritage Bakery – Milton

The Heritage Bakery – On our way to Ulladulla, we saw this bakery on a very old building. It was right next to the traffic light and many people were seen having a great time in the bakery’s cafe’s. Thus, i decided we must drop by to see if there is any good in there.

The Heritage Bakery 1870
The Heritage Bakery 1870

This Bakery was known to be established in 2003 in a town called Milton; one of the oldest historical building of the region. I guess it must have been since the 1870 as in the building photo.


Some of the cakes & pastries has no names.


This bakery does not accept cash transaction. So if you have to cards, you wont be able to make a purchase. I do love the way they does this in a very ancient building though – very advanced if i may say; despite on how this building look =).


Another interesting thing is if you bring your own cup, you get 50% off for the coffee. We didn’t buy any coffee at the time.


Bought these ( empty burger buns, Heritage Steak Pie and no name cake). The Meat pie is one of the best I’ve tried so far apart from the home made sold in Jindabyne’s.


This cake is very delicious. Im sure there is a secret ingredients. The layers was top in cream (most likely custard) and the hard icing top is the only sweet thing on it. When you bite, make sure to bite from top to bottom, the only way to get the full taste! Awesome one!

Singapore Trip Part-2.1

Orchard Rd.

Good morning SG it’s the second day today being here. Before heading out I went to the mini mart just down the hotel and get my tourist prepaid sim card else i cant online and during this trip *wink*.  Well there you go as in the pic below I got 100G data, 500mins local call and 20mins IDD, valid for 5 day and cost only 15$. Who can finish 100G in 5 days?


Then we head straight to Orchard Rd by UBER. Its pretty cheap and wont take long to get one as there’s lot of UBER driver around the corner.


At Orchard Rd, we went to one of the Food Junction – (food court) to have lunch. Theres so many stalls to choose from but we decided to have Beef Soup noodle, Beef black pepper rice and bbq chicken wings. The food portion is big and we barely finish the food.

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Cosmetic’s in in Guardian Drug Store

Im impressed by the price tag display, Malaysia counterpart should use the digital price tag display too, its really not environmental friendly with printing all these papers and inconvenient to customer when the tag is missing plus when the bar reader is not working.

It’s fun to see all the never ending malls while walking on Orchard rd. but we cant really go to each and every shops or mall in a few hours. Along the road we saw Victoria Secret Flag Store and check it out:

VS_Flagship Store
Enjoying the music

The store is really huge and I love that big screen TV & the curved stairs! Got 2 bottles of mists for my sisters back home and its on promo 39$ for 2! Bargain 😍.

Gold and Jewelry

I also went to Astalift, the price in Malaysia is much cheaper but SG store have products that Malaysia don’t. Price wise, better buy the Jelly in KL, it save a lot!

Well to be honest orchard rd. is just a never ending street of massive shopping malls and we did not spend the whole day here as well as we need to go to the Lantern Festival at the Garden by The Bay. See you at the next post! xoxo

t-Lounge by Dilmah

Budget Dinner

I had dinner with my cousin here. They offering valuable dinner sets that cost Rm29.90. We had t-Lounge roased chicken with rice and baked dory fish +chips+ mix vege. The sets comes with drinks and we choose Ice lemon tea and cake desserts. Totally worth it!

So guys make sure you come between 6.30pm and 9.30pm to enjoy this offer!

Location: IOI City Mall, Putrajaya, Malaysia

Bali Part 13

Last morning at Nusa Lembongan

Finally it’s Day 7 in Nusa Lembongan but day 10th in Bali. We will be going back today. Its a cloudy morning when i took the photo above. Walking down the stairs going to the boat station where everybody else waiting to part from this Island.

One of D’Camel staff came to help us with the beggage and we have to walk all the way down to the truck. theres no car can reach the hotels so human buggy for the luggages is normal.

Denpasar Airport, Bali

Ngurah Rai Airport has changed since the last time i came. It’s modern and new.

There is baggage repacking area for tourist to repack or rest and even changing rooms.

The area is clean and tidy.

Two changing rooms

😊< img src=”; height=”1575″ class=”wp-image-532″ width=”2100″><<<<<<<<<<
is big and plenty of spaces for all. Lots of cafes and restaurants too.

ntang Beer Bar to have our lunch as not many people sitting here.

Tea + Lattee (Delicious)

me 😊 We are having sweet sour chicken rice and fried chicken rice.


😋 The food we orderd is nice here. I suggest the chicken pieces should be more for the sweet sour chicken rice, we dont want to eat carbo more though😉.




So much to see here as expected from Asian’s airport 😬. I got some souvenirs from the convenient store and HRC.

Ready to fly? … Lets go!

see you guys next writeup! 🙏

BALI part 12- Nusa Lembongan

Day 6

1-The breakfast and Oka Bungalo 7 Exploring

Good morning again beautiful view. Yes im getting darker since day 1 i step foot on this island😅. We took the same breakfast, me with my toast and him with his banana pancakes!For your our informations, these bungalows are located on a steep hill side. We are so lucky to be placed on room 1 which of the lowest ground and still have an awesome view There are about 9 bungalow here and each bungalow is next to one another just like in the photo and divided by the staircase. The route is very steep and i cant imagine to walk up and down every time you want to get food. To bring up luggages is another level. The highest bungalow is No 8 and 9 and i think you need 10-15min mountain climbing! Its not suitable for old people that is not active and small children. The view from the highest ground of Oka bungalo 7.The privilege of staying up here is theres room for 4 people. Perhaps if you booked for 4 the hotel will definitely put you here🤣.Ive also read a review on other resort next door. The reviewers said its a million steps to his room and i was laughing when i read before but now i know the challenge! imagine if you’re running to go back to the toilet, you might not be on time!! 😬 Me in between the bungalows!

2- Lunch at Oka 7

Today we decided to have lunch at our own hotel restaurant. So ill review on this one today. We choose a seat at the corner so that we are able to get the best view. The price of the dishes are not expensive. Its good for the place and view. We had ice chocolate and Orange juice. Tasty drinks for the hot day. Our calamari starter, tasty! The Chicken Chop rice, good as well! The club sandwich. Unexpected huge and tasty! For the price you pay, comes with a view😍 Afternoon view from Oka 7 😍 whats more to ask? Its perfect! Food+views

3- The Coffee/Tea Time

Since its the last day to expore the Island, we decided to go to Kenya Coffee again.

This time around the sun is still up so my photo wont be dark😉.

The Barista The Green tea latte and the Cappucino The Cafe sitting area

4- BFresh Juice Bar & Coffee Corner

Been looking for this cafe on the first day we arrived but its such secluded at the back of the main street and we only found it yesterday but it was closed. So we decided to come back and verify ourself if the reviews are as good as it said. They even have a chalk board outside the shop with varieties to choose from. We had Pineapple sunset and Mango Smoothie. The cafe is operated by local owner, and she is very good in explaining their menu’s. Our smoothie are pure juice and its awesome! I saw bad reviews from some customer on Trip Advisor regarding the food here. My opinion is look at the title of the cafe/restaurant/shop before you leave a bad review, this place specialise in juices and smoothies so its not a restaurant and don’t expect the moon and star if u want to dine in plus the price is cheap! So that’s all from BFresh Juice. Great place for smoothie.

4-Dinner at Muntigs

View of the Restaurant and Pool

We had the table by the pool

The bars view from our table


San Miguel

Chill beer for the night…


Its been a while for green veggies

Spring rolls

The springrolls is tasty. Food presentation done well.

The Main Dish

Main Course

The Main Course

The Traditional Indonesian Rendang Chicken Rice


This desset is the best in Nusa Lembongan!


The surroundings


Overall eating here is good. They provide the best service and very customer orient. This place even offering a pickup and drop off service to the customer. So if you are planning for a good dinner, make a revervation and they will pick you from your hotel.

Thanks again for reading 😘😘

Bali Part 9 – Nusa Ceningan

Day 3

1-Breakfast at The Dafish

The Breakfast

Towards afternoon we decided going to chill at The Palms Cafe down the road to chill. The Palm Cafe is only 2 min walk from The Dafish.

2- Lunch at The Palms Hotel & Cafe

The Entrance

The Entrance view to the Hotel is beautiful.

The Palms Sea Views

The Menu

The surfers ViewThe view is beautiful here. You can just sit and watch the waves or drink something and read a book.

Cafe View

Its sunny sitting outside so we found shades.

Cafe View
Cafe View
Temple View

The temple at the corner wrap in yellow cloth. We ordered pizza and Nachos for lunch all photos below.


Nachos – not tasty at all, they added mesh red bean in exchange for the mince meat! just so little mince meat!!



The pizza was instant pizza, meat loafer? Not tasty at all. The dough were overcooked and very chewy!

Infinity Pool

Despite of the bad lunch, The Palms Cafe is really good for relaxing. Ive soaked in the pool and relax with the nature. Definitely a must go! Grab a bintang beer and dip in the pool will do. 😉

3- Dinner at The Dafish


As far as i’m concerned, The food serve at The Dafish is still the best! For dinner we had Bali coffee, Fried rice with chicken, fried noodles and spring rolls (food prep is great).

So if your coming to Nusa Ceningan, do come here to eat, all the meals suggested so that you dont waste money elsewhere🤣.

Thanks for reading!! 😘😘