Huda Beauty

KAY ALI – Citrus

Hello beauties! How you smell today? =P

I’ve been waiting for this moment and I finally got my hands on KAY ALI perfumes. KAY ALI was launch last year and only arrives Australia this year. It was worth the wait =P. I didn’t mind getting my purse empty for this one because most the reviews is great.

What do I think about this perfume?

  • The packaging is very luxurious and I love the shapes of the bottle because its easy to hold.
  • The smells is divine.
  • It can be use either day or night.
  • The scent is not too strong nor too light, but I can spray as much as I like and still not overwhelming.
  • I also think the scent doesn’t last very long on my body, most was 4-6 hours but it can last for 24 hours on the jacket.

Value for money?

  • I think for the price its a bit pricey but I got it during sales so its a little better =P
  • I will definitely get the other scents of the perfumes to layer the perfume next time once there is sales again =))
  • Huda Beauty also comes out with the 50ml bottle recently but the price is not much difference.
  • A$145 for 100ml | A$120 for 50ml

Well thats all for now =P


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