Steve Laurant

Steve Laurant Precision Tip Liner ( Full Size)

I am very picky on my eyeliner. It have to be smudge free or at least can last more than 5 hours with eye primer.

What I think of this Eye Linear?

  • The rose gold packaging is beautiful and luxurious.
  • The lid is hard to open, need to hold firm in order to pull & open. On the bright side Im sure the lid will not open on its own and won’t leak into my bag.
  • This is a black linear with fine tip thats glide smoothly on the eyelid.
  • Smudge proof (Stays more than four hours without eye primer)
  • Dries out instantly and easy to use.
  • Gluten Free & Cruelty Free.
Precision Eye Liner on my eyelid without eye primer

It cost USD$24, for the quality I think its not too bad.


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