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Goat’s Milk Magic Touch

TGIF everyone! I’m sure all of us is relief that the weekend is here again. Today I wanna share my experience using Goat’s Milk Magic Touch Moisturiser that I really love.

This cream comes in an aluminium jar, it’s very light despite of its look and I’m surprised why other product don’t have this type of packaging yet. Additionally, a small spatula is included and I don’t have to worry about dipping my fingers into the cream too thus this one is definitely travel friendly!


In my opinion, this is a luxuriously light cream. It is infused with goat’s milk extract that is rich in protein for moisturising and hydrating skin.

During the applications, the cream forms droplets, releasing highly intensive nutrient rich moisture that penetrates into the skin. I use this cream after cleansing, toning and serum. Congested skin won’t absorbs any cream so make sure double cleansing is always done prior applying.

Texture of the cream

This cream will also smoothen the fine lines and repairs the skin elasticity. I haven’t have that much fine lines yet but I hope this cream will keep it that way. =P

Additionally, I also notice that this cream have a long lasting hydration apart from feeling super supple and soft. ( No tingling sensation, no tight skin nor dry skin to my skin). Overall I give this Moisturiser a 5*.


  • Place a generous amount between fingertips to warm the goat milk,
  • Then apply to the face using circular motions until milk droplets form.
  • After that gently press activated milk droplets into the skin. For best results use daily. [ source: ]

The Cream comes in a 50g jar and the price is $35.95 if you’re interested you can browse

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