Skin Physics

Caviar Age-Recovery Hand & Nail Renewal Cream

Good day ladies! Today I wanna share the hand cream that I been using for almost 3 weeks.

The first thing I notice is the smells – A little like medicine but its tolerable.

Second – the cream is not too thick nor watery. Once applied into my hand it didn’t take long for my skin to absorb it. The cream leaves my hand feeling smooth and hydrated. How long does it last? If I didn’t wash my hand often, it can last almost the whole day, else I just re-apply. I did some testing on this hand cream while doing house chores like washing dishes and laundry – hand wash. I will apply 10 – 15 min prior; and after all the chores, my hand still feeling soft and not dry!

Third – SPF. This hand cream also contain 15 SPF that protect against UVA and UVB but I think the higher the SPF is, the better.

Caviar Age-Recovery Hand & Nail Renewal Cream

This hand cream is also said to be anti-aging and can improve the visible sign of wrinkles, loss of volume, age spot, dry & rough skin. I am much looking forward for all these improvements especially around my wrist. I also apply some to my feet before bedtime for extra hydration! I do think thats it’s crucial to take care of both hands and feet.

This Hand Cream comes in a 75ml tube at the price of A$39.95.

If you love your hands kindly check it out at :

Thanks for reading XO!


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