Blessed By Nature

TGIF everyone!

I love the idea of foam hand wash but I never try any foam cleanser before.

What I had in mind is :

  • how much is enough?
  • how hard is to spread evenly on my face before all the foam evaporate before I even started my cleansing process?
  • will it strip dry my face?
  • is it worth it?

So, I took 3 pumps & quickly massage onto the face. It dries within seconds; I add some water onto my palms and massage my whole face again then rinse. Additional water is essential to dilute the foam. I notice 3 pumps might be too concentrated thus i reduce to 1.5 to 2 pumps the next day.

The Key Ingredients is: Lavender, Aloe Vera, Calendula, Gotu Cola, Green Tea & Vitamin E. All is natural and no nasty ingredients . In my opinion the herbal scent is quite strong but it doesn’t last too long, only when I was doing the cleansing and disappear soon after.

I also notice that my skin don’t feel dry or tingling after cleansing. This is awesome as my skin natural oil doesn’t get strip and I feel fresh and clean! And by the way, I have a sensitive skin but I don’t get any pain from this cleanser. So it’s a must try.

Suitable for : Normal to Oily Skin

| Retail price is A$12.95 | Cruelty Free | Organic |


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