Bodecare Organic Loofah

This is the Egyptian Organic Loffah. It’s good for scrubbing  and exfoliating dead skin. I use it with soap during shower.  Scrubbing really helps with the  blood circulation and making my skin smooth.

Bodecare Loofah also come with a 100% cotton rope for easy dry  hanging after shower to prevent bacteria growth. This entire Loffah is organic and can be made as composed. 

The Care Instruction provided for this is:

  • Rinse and dry completely after use
  • Soaked in warm water to soften prior to use
  • Sterelize in boiling water once a week
  • Replace the loofah once every 2-3 month or when its already disintegrates.

For $9.90 this is a a worthy product to use daily as we try to reduce plastic waste from the common nylon scrubber. Please help to reduce plastic usage by choosing organic products from

Thanks for reading!



      1. Mart? kedai biasa ke? hehe
        I cuma pernah beli glooves scrub yg ala2 loofah ni je kat bodyshop tp mmg effective jugala. harga belas2 tp ingat2 lupa dah. Sometimes kalo cuaca panas mmg hari2 i nk gosok badan lps peluh2 =))

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