Olay Regenerist Whip

I received this 10g Olay Regenerist Whip cream on my last event. I have used Olay Regenerist range before so kind of expecting the positive outcome 😉 plus it also anti-aging to reduce fine lines.

As seen on the packaging “Light as Air Finish”, this is really for someone who loves light non heavy and sticky cream; especially someone with oily or combination skin.

The cream texture is almost gel but when spread evenly onto the skin, I get a fine moist matte finish and there is no feeling of any residue once all the cream sank into the skin.

My face also stays hydrated for more than 8 hours. You can try this on Friday night or Saturday night until the next day (lazy home Saturday or Sunday).

This requires you to not wash your face early though; perhaps until next day Afternoon? There is no drying patches or oily skin for me the next day. Let me know in the comment below if any of you guys tries this ya! =))

The smells of this cream is also soothing, makes me remember Pantene Shampoo! But no worries it only last as you put onto your face and it’s gone before you even notice!

Will I purchase this next time? Sure because its good to use on a hot day as my face won’t melt.

I am yet to use this as primer for makeup but if any of you have done it do let us know down below.



      1. Yes mmg ni for oily combination skin. Maybe you can letak kat area dahi, hidung (T-zone) and mana-mana yg prone to oily. Serum tu sometimes good for night skincare routine. Tapi I mmg selalu letak serum skg sbb kulit cepat kering waktu cuaca sejuk.

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