Glosscars Market Place 2019

Hello beauties! Last Saturday – 9th March, I get to spend my morning at BH Glosscars Marketplace.  This is the first time I’m attending and I was very excited. 

There are 9 products for us to try and test:

  1. Olay
  2. Moisture Shine Lipstick
  3. Blessed By Nature
  4. Skin Physics
  5. Handsome
  6. Skin Nutrient
  7. Jane Iredale
  8. Pump Haircare
  9. Bodecare Organic Loofah

No 9 is my fav no and my date! And we have 9 products what a coincidence??!

It was also fun to get to meet everyone.

Check out the galleries below for more views on the events.

These are the products I’ll get to try and bring home for trial. It’s amazing to get all of it especially on my Birthday!

I will try to review each one of these after I have use them in the next blogs.

See ya!


    1. Hi Misha 😊
      I’ve tried Olay cleanser once in my 20s but it makes my face breakout! I guess back then my skin was still young and not suitable with mature skin products. Maybe you can try Whip range❤️


  1. Ohlehenriksen, it could be something try cos I’ve got pigment on my face and i really want to get rid of it. It’s a facial cleanser and a serum, check it up here in my country Nederlands.


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