Sydney Harbour

Last year was a great year and I’m looking forward to a new adventure again this year. The Fireworks starts at Sydney Harbour sharp 12 Midnight and like every other year it was a blast!

So what is your 2019 resolutions? Getting prettier, richer and healthier? Or just continue the unfinished one from past years? 😉

I saw some of my friends one eg: reading 10 books, travel more and spend more time with families. All these goals are perfectly fine for me as we all have different visions, missions and goals in life but there is one that particularly eye catching for me. The image is below:


I think this is fun to do, just think of getting the Sum on the last week of Dec, end of this year. Be it for the new years, or an extra cash for you to buy something or even extra money to the current saving. You can do this with any currency of your country origin. Let’s do this and see you guys after 52 weeks!!