Travel lotions

Happy Tuesday! Today I wanna share the travel lotions that I normally carries around during trips. Do I bring all of it? Sometime yes and sometime no. hehe… its all in tube packaging and easy to bring anyway.

  • 1. Rosken Dry Skin Repair

This is my personal favourite because it helps my skin to hydrates fast and instant relief  from super dry skin. Normally if I travel to islands and beaches, after returning home I will have a week regime to replenish my skin moisture level with this and it come back to normal after just 3-4 days (all day constant applying). I love the moist retained formula on this one plus can be applied to every parts of the body. Bonus point : Enriched with olive oil & Dimethicone

  • 2. Cetaphil Moisturising Cream

This one is fragrance free and good for dry & sensitive skin. I use it at night most time because the texture is a little thicker but can be use at day time during cold weather. Bonus points: For face and body, clinically proven for water to bind to skin to prevent moisture loss.

  • 3. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion + Emulsion

This lotions suggested for user: Very Dry to combination skin. I got this last autumn for winter. Its not very consistent with my skin because it turn out a bit oily and its a big No to use during the day and I only use it at night in winter on some days. I will bring this to my next trip to test if its good on a much colder weather than NSW. Bonus points: Allergy Tested, Fragrance Free

  • 4. Albatros Day Cream

I got this sample tube quite sometimes ago and manage to try it a couple of times and it does the job. Not shiny or oily and enhance my skin moisture level. Is there any sun protections? I was told there is but the SPF amount wasn’t stated so I am really not sure how long we are suppose to expose to sunlight and when to re-apply. on the other hand, it was said that this cream was made from dead sea salt and mud 1300 feet below sea level. Can’t imagine who has dived that deep to get these ingredients.. hohohohohohoho… Bonus points: Against Animal Testing, rejuvenate and control wrinkles.

  • 5. Norwegian hand cream

I will bring this on a short trip or when there is need to sacrifice big  bags because it can be use on other parts of the body like face and lips other than JUST on hands. Which means every time you have dry lips and chapped skin, just a dab will relieves the dryness and one tube is all you need to bring. Bonus point: Light travel

  • 6. Aveeno Daily moisturizing

I saw this newly product this year and it seems to get good reviews from most. I got the tube samples from Coasco. I tried it once after exfoliating my face, dap and massage it on my entire face, absorbs quickly especially on the dry part. After 30mins, I can feel my nose a little bit oily. I think i will skip the nose next time. The rest of the face remains hydrate thus this is good lotion for retaining moisture. Bonus points: Demethicone, 24hr moisturises.

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