The Righteous Butter

Hello beauties, hope everyone have a great Monday even though some might have Monday blues…heheh..

Today I’m going to share my new favourite body butter. Lately my skin been peeling a lot, I guess the weather is changing again and my new skin is born and makes my dead skin falling off and flaky, very annoying though because Im trying some of my normal lotions but it does not work.


The first thing I noticed when I open the jar is the smell,  soooo good!!! Second is when I rub on the skin, its not sticky, not too thick, but fast absorption. It moisturise the whole night and hydrates my skin until the next morning and vice versa.


Last but not least is the smell of this butter. Theres so much mix floral, sweet and fruity in it makes me feel so good. Its a must have after shower! It also come in 50ml and 300ml packaging. The small one is good for travelling and on budget too because its only 4$.

On my next post ill be sharing on the skin routine which include body polish and scrubs, which I normally do during shower before putting any lotions and body butter. Stay tuned!








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