Hand and Nail Care

Hey everyone how you doing? Today i would share my experience using Caudalie Hand & Nail Cream. I get a sample from Sephora from one of my purchase before and its doing really good job of hydrating my hands and strengthen my nails.

So, how many of us really take care of our hands, feet and nails? Most of us spend lots of time taking care of our face and hair but not so much on our hands and feet. I realise when i hit 30s the hand and feet is no longer moist shiny like in the 20s. So a good hydrating hand & body cream is essential to hydrates these parts of the body.

Caudalie which the one Im using now intensely nourishing hand and nail to bring comfort to dry, chapped skin, cuticles and nails. It’s also rich in antioxidants thus my hands are protected from environmental aggressors. Not to mention it’s also lightweight and non greasy makes it so easy to absorbs into the hands and leave them soft and supple!

I normally put a bit of the cream on the sides of each hand and toes before sleep to treat my nails. With everyday use, I’m pretty sure you will have long and strong nails!


These hand & nail cream comes with the essences of sweet orange oil, rose water and almond vanilla so there’s plenty to choose from. It doesn’t contains parabens and phenoxyethanol too so its safe for us to use!

If you have other hand and nail cream that does wonders do share ya!

Thanks for reading!

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