Eye Cream

Hello everyone!! Its been a really long time since I posted anything here, just renewed my plan last week and I’m motivated again to share something with you girls. So i think this time around I would like to share on the eye cream that i’ve been using for a while now : Honey Cera by Etude House.

This was included in my goodie bag from my babes Farah for Christmas gifts last year and I only get to use it recently. I’ve been using it on and off since July and I can see the difference as the dark circle kinda fades away, of course with frequent use, will get better. For the record I don’t use eye cream most the time and this would be my second one after the first one I have.

Packaging wise I love how its in tube form easy to bring. As for applications I don’t need to actually scoop it out (especially for the one in a jar) because the tip is round and I only need to press the tube and tadaaa all is out and slides under the eye.


This eye cream supports firming, nourishing, reduced wrinkle and double whitening the under eye. For the owls and less sleeper, its really doing wonder but must applies everyday morning and night. The most important thing this eye cream is not sticky and fast absorbs by the skin. I use it before applying eye makeup ( eg: eyeshadow and eyeliner) to hydrates the eye area so overall i give 5* to this eye cream! For more info you can google their official website http://www.etudehouse.com for other products range.

Thanks for reading!!


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