The Burgundy Bar

Maybelline New York Palette

I believe most of us have heard about this Burgundy palette and I read many good feedback. My first impression looking at this palette is wow and so much shimmer. The colour is also deep and pigmented just from the glimpse of it. Maybelline is a reputable drugstore makeup brand so I guess they make a good decision on this one!


For only 19$ – I got it from Woolworths, is the cheapest I could find comparing to Priceline and Chemist. The photo below is taken with 3 tone shades consist of the 1st row -second and third from right and 2nd row second shades from the palette. This colours reminded me of the Huda Obsession Mauve palette! This is how it look like if your under the white light or at day time.


The Next photo is taken under the yellow light and you can see the bright shimmering, looks; light but sophisticated. Sorry taken by the front cam bit blurry.


In my conclusion, this palette is good and i love the colours that comes with it. For everyday use, YES, recommended and don’t forget your eyeshadow primer prior to this eyeshadows application for longer used. Don’t forget to let me know how was your experience with this palette if you have tried! XOXO



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