Nene Chicken

Korean Fried Chicken

Who doesn’t loves Korean Fried Chicken? Im sure whoever tried once, will come back for more!

So, I was looking for one and hopefully will get the same taste like the one I normally had back in Malaysia. I’ve been googling around where and check reviews here in Sydney but hardly found good one until one day stump upon one in Macquarie Shopping Centre. The best feeling for chicken ever ;P

What do I think about the Korean fried chicken + dining here?

  • Chicken is crunchy and tasty
  • The restaurant only have a few small table that can fit like 8 people. I guess most likely the Uni students here do their take aways more than dining in.
  • Customer service is ok

We ordered Drumstick Duo Sets consist of 2 drumstick, chips, coleslaw and mustard sauce, Freaking hot 6 pieces and a bottle of coke.

This visit is great cant wait to try other flavour.


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