Hogs Australia’s Steakhouse

Hogs Parramatta :

Hello guys, hows Mondays treating you all? Today i would like to share on my first experience dined at Hogs. It was said way back in 1989 the first Hogs was opened in Airlie Beach in North Queensland (pretty long time ago). They also claimed for the passions for good food and selections of the finest and fresh produced for the customers. Thus, for 29th years this year they have already runs more than 80 restaurants.


Upon entering the restaurant, I remembered the decor in HRC, chillis as well as Bubba Gum! Classy!


We ordered Lychee mocktail and cappuccino. I really love these drinks – exceptional.


For the food I ordered steak and garlic prawns ( Char-grilled sirloin steak topped with garlic prawns and honey mustard sauce + fresh vegetables + Hog Tail Fries). I rate this meal as 8/10 as the steak is a bit chewy. The other menu my partner choose is beacon beef burger + Hog Tails Fries. Its tasty too.


Overall we think that this is a good place to have lunch and dinner. There’s so much crowd at 8pm and its better to get here early as the waiting after ordering is pretty long.

There’s a lunch treat $9.90 on weekdays as well as you may see in the photo below. You may dine here and wont break your pocket!


Thanks for reading. Maybe a comment on where else you guys love to have a nice dinner?



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