Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette

Hello again! I’m pretty sure most of you would have heard about this palette for quite sometime. I had got this palette last year but didn’t manage to write anything about it and now Huda has discontinued this lovely palette. Ohh noooo!

Huda_Rose_Gold Edition_Palette
Huda_Rose_Gold Edition_Palette

I would say the packaging is nice & easy to display with that see through packaging. I can see through inside without opening. It consist of 18 shades and all are beautiful colours.

Huda_Rose_Gold Edition_Palette
Huda_Rose_Gold Edition_Palette

Some may not like shimmering but to me this depend on how much you put on your eyelid. If you slide a little it wont be too much and look just nice. Plus all this glittery shades is very creamy so a little goes a long way. Use your finger as its better than brush, the colour will blend gracefully so much better! As I mention in previous post, if you use eyeshadow primer, the result will be more tense and lasting. And sure, I love all the metallic colours.

Huda_Rose_Gold Edition_Palette
Huda_Rose_Gold Edition_Palette

How about the matte shades? To me it all blend well and smooth, very earthly shades but shade Bae is almost my skin tone, haha! This is a very good palette and is a must to have for a palette junkie. Everything in this palette is superb and i don’t see any reason to not like it. Some critics on the packaging but come on there’s a say inner beauty is better than the outer? LOL.

Huda_Rose_Gold Edition_Palette
Huda_Rose_Gold Edition_Palette

Lastly, I hope my friend is happy now she requested to see this palette. hehe..

Thanks for reading and tell me a piece of your mind. =P


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