TooFaced Better Than Sex Mascara

Hello gorgeous! Ive seen lots of review on @toofaced Better than Sex Mascara; said thats its very goood

So here are my reviews:

I normally will get the mini size for trial.

The tiffany blue packaging is beautiful , 4.8g.


Upon opening the packaging, I’m surprised on how big is the brush applicator. For any eye product i think its quite big, and kinda hard to spread evenly among the lashes.

After applying to my eyelashes, I have to wait for a long time for it to dry and have to switch on the fan to dry the lashes.  I also use a curler after and reapply again carefully. Some smudges though, because the wand is too big.


The wand is heavy and not practical. But it does make the lashes thicker and longer.

After a long day the fall out is minimal and I don’t actually look like panda.


The photo below is my lashes after 2 coating of the mascara. Lengthy and thick but doesn’t reach the corner of the eyes.


Will I repurchase? No, because there is much better one, and cheaper for the same price.

How about you girls? Have you try?

Thanks for reading, feel free to comment. XOXO


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