Jenesis Cosmetics

Vegan, Cruelty Makeup

Ladies & gentlemen, Its been a while after my last makeup/skincare review. How do you do =P ?

I would like to share my first Australian local made makeup that i bought online.

Vegan_Makeup – All the Haul

I got 7 items ( 5 eyeshadows, 1 lip gloss, 1 highlighter). You can scroll down to see all my choices of shades. I love shimmer and glitter and all the shades have it!

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I was given 2 free samples of highlighter and lipstick.


Honestly, I love all the shades! As you can see in the photo  below its creamy, pigmented and have smooth texture and if you apply primer, the colour will be more tense. For a 15mm mini pan size (4$) each, its really worth to try. Why not support local business right?


And if you’re asking me if these colour suitable on medium skin, yes it is. The photo below i tested on my mans hand and he is technically “brown”. With just a little shades (i dont want to waste it =P) you can see the shimmery colour!


Next is the Unicorn Lip Smoothie, its creamy non sticky and moisturising and have that purple glow unicorn colour that can last for a long time on the lips if you don’t eat or drink.


For the Samples – Peachy girl lipstick, I like the natural look of the shades, it can be worn any time of the day while Angel Wings Highlighter, the colour really pretty on my light skin and doesn’t look “too much” if just being worn at the day time. You girls should really check out and support vegan products at :

Thanks for reading!



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