Blanc Pearl Caviar Cream by SKINFOOD

Skin-Brightening and Anti-Wrinkle Effects

Hello lovelies its been months i’m out of the grid how are you guys? Today i would like to share this week experience using this moisturiser from Skinfood. I bought this some time last year and only have the chance to try this time. It was on sale RM1 and shipping cost was 30X more!!

Unboxing – To my surprise the bottle aka packaging is pretty awesome! The weight of the packaging really feels luxury and there is spatula included for hygiene purposes.


There’s a plastic lid inside the bottle after opening. and the smell, reminds me of the olden days “Hazeline Snow” that I saw 20+ years ago.


The texture is creamy, lightweight, moisturising, fast absorbing and non sticky. Make sure you put less if you have oily skin but more if dry skin. I have combination skin in Malaysia but because I’m in Sydney now, the weather change make my skin a bit dry so this is good for dry weather especially in summer! This cream also good during night time in the cooler weather (apply more). Normally the skin dries out after 4 hours if the moisturiser is not moist enough but this one last all night.

Blanc_Pearl_Caviar_Cream – Application on the hand, moist while other part isn’t

Mind sharing your budget moisturiser/hydration cream/gel?

Product Details: A nourishing cream that promote soft, luminous skin. Contain pearl extract, white complex and caviar extract

Manufacturer: Skin Food

Capacity: 50g








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