Singapore Trip Part 3

Day 3

Hello there, today i would share on the third day activities in Singapore. Supposedly to USS in Sentosa but we ended up in Sentosa beach!

First of all i would want to show you guys my phone data and calls balance. So much left and i don’t think anyone can finish it!


3.1 The Lunch at Hard Rock Cafe Sentosa

Upon arriving Sentosa, we went to HRC to eat. The Bars is cozy the staff were attentive and the food was great.

We ordered Buffalo Wings, Legendary Burger and Chicken Sandwich. Everything was great and big portions, Cant finish everything but as long as the craved was served thats all matter!



Must Take photo they made it in such way for tourist to have a moment here. Should have this in Malaysia though!

3.2 The surrounding of Universal Studio Singapore

We were supposed to go to Universal Studio today but because after lunch its already past 3pm and The USS close at 6pm so we decided to roam around and come back tomorrow.

Which one would you go to??

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As we all know Resorts World is everywhere In Malaysia, Philippine and also in SG.

3.3 Beach Station, Sentosa Island

As we walk we found a monorail station not far from USS gate and its free ride since its still new. We walked towards the crowds and wait for the monorail and head to Palawan Beach at the very end of the station.

Monorail Station – Beach Station

It was hot and humid. After a while we start to sweat and sticky. It was a long walk and yeah this one is unexpected.

We finally reached the Palawan Beach in the end and there’s many people chilling here, having picnics with friends and families and some just taking a swim . Impressive man made islands and beaches.

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There is Kidzania too, parents can let their children play there. Most of the toilets along the beach is still under constructions this time around so if you need a loo you have to come to Kidzania there’s public toilet here. People does cycling here and Its really fun to watch.

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Its so much fun seeing everyone learning to fly in that large tube Its definitely a must try if you have yet to eat something because i think the pressure might make you vomit if you do this with a full stomach.

Please plan your budget ahead if you wanna do this. Shopping  earlier days makes us put this in the wish list . =0

There’s also few nice rides here (which we don’t expect to bump into), as well =(. Due to time constraint we keep walking to see what else they offer  (after the photos below). So much of a “Singapore is not so big to finish in 2 days” – said my partner as this part of the island was still in construction many many years ago when he came. Now we are chasing time to explore (@@).

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Further walking we found this Mega Adventure booth that operates couple of adventures and one of them is flying fox to the small island across the beach.

We walked to the end of the beach and found Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resorts. From this point we walk along Imbiah Walk then found Siloso Point Bus Stop. The day is getting dark and we followed everyone else taking the bus. To our surprised we were sent to VivoCity Mall at the Harbour Front. Now, thats the catch. Supposedly this free ride is for the resorts guest but we accidentally went with it and went out of Sentosa. Well, we didn’t managed to visit The Merlion because we thought we have enough time to come back there by Monorail but now we are out of the Island, perhaps we can go back again next time? Our innocent bought us the free ride though. I guess my mission to take photo with the “Merlion” statue is gone for the second time. Yesterday at the Marina Bay Sand I didn’t managed as well because it’s late and “The Merlion” on the bay front already been switched off, no lights & no water coming out of its mouth =((. Someday!!! Sighhhh….

3.4 VivoCity Mall

So yeah, this a a good sign to be able to visit this mall out of the plan, at least going into the air conditioned again after hours of walking. Entering the mall and saw the phone charging station and since my phone is on the low bat I went straight to it. Its very easy to operate this thing just put any finger you like as it require a finger print to open & unlock, and its foc.

This mall is pretty descent with a train station attached to it make it easy for anyone coming over. Perhaps most tourist here is from Sentosa Resorts!

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We decided to be adventurous today and take the train back. We will take the line from Harbour Front to Outram Park (Interchange, Punggol Line) then to Lavender (Pasir Line). We estimated walking around 10-15 minutes to reach the hotel from Lavender Station. The fare is cheap only cost $3.80 for us both! Recommended for those who seeks adventure and save  $$$ =).

We arrived Lavender Station and use a GPS map to find ways to our hotel. Along the way we stop by a supermarket to get some food and drinks.

The slideshow shows some of the things sold.

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