Singapore Trip Part-2.1

Orchard Rd.

Good morning SG it’s the second day today being here. Before heading out I went to the mini mart just down the hotel and get my tourist prepaid sim card else i cant online during this trip *wink*.  Well there you go as in the pic below I got 100G data, 500mins local call and 20mins IDD, valid for 5 days and cost only 15$. Who can finish 100G in 5 days?


Then we head straight to Orchard Rd by UBER. Its pretty cheap and wont take long to get one as there’s lot of UBER driver around the corner.


At Orchard Rd, we went to one of the Food Junction – (food court) to have lunch. Theres so many stalls to choose from but we decided to have Beef Soup noodle, Beef black pepper rice and bbq chicken wings. The food portion is big and we barely finish the food.


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Cosmetic’s in in Guardian Drug Store

Im impressed by the price tag display, Malaysia counterpart should use the digital price tag display too, its really not environmental friendly with printing all these papers and inconvenient to customer when the tag is missing plus when the bar reader is not working.

It’s fun to see all the never ending malls while walking on Orchard rd. but we cant really go to each and every shops or mall in a few hours. Along the road we saw Victoria Secret Flag Store and check it out:

Victoria Secret

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The store is really huge and I love that big screen TV & the curved stairs! Got 2 bottles of mists for my sisters back home and its on promo 39$ for 2! Bargain 😍.

Jewellery Shop

Gold and Jewellery

I also went to Astalift, the price in Malaysia is much cheaper but SG store have products that Malaysia don’t. Price wise, better buy the Jelly in KL, it save a lot!

Well to be honest Orchard Rd. is just a never ending street of massive shopping malls and we did not spend the whole day here as well as we need to go to the Lantern Festival at the Garden by The Bay. See you at the next post! xoxo



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