Singapore Trip Part-2.2

Garden By The Bay

As we all know this time around is the season for Lantern Festival (Moon Cake Festival/Mid Autumn) so we decided to celebrates the night of the lights at the Garden by the Bay. From ‘Garden by The Bay’  website photos that we see, it is one magnificent photo and we would want to see what they have there. Thus after Orchard rd. window shopping, we decided to go by taxi around 5.30pm.

Garden By The Bay

When we arrived, we saw many people; families, groups, tours, children from all over age range. The park is actually a nature park consist of 102 hectares that consist of Bay South Garden, Bay East Garden and Bay Central Garden. Well, thats not what we expected! Another long haul walk to finish this Park but this is just the beginning.

Then we realised there are two cooled conservatories which are:

1)the Flower Dome and

2)the Cloud Forest.

Both are a super huge glass house. So we made our way to the ticketing counter and hope to catch the lanterns once we done.

We have to turn twice to find the entrance, you’ll have to walk around the “glasshouse”to get to the ticketing counter to access the Cloud Forest and the Flower Dome, both entrance is opposite each other.

We noticed that the last time to enter each garden is at 9pm and now is 7.24pm so we will be a bit rushed. The price for two conservatories is 28$ for tourist. We didn’t have time to use the skyway though, maybe next time.


1. Flower Dome

Upon Stepping inside windy chill weather and its fully air conditioned. These plants are so lucky to not experience heat in this tropical country!

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It’s just kind of weather that everyones like – High Land weather. So many lights. My photo’s bit dark because of all these dim lights. Please browse through the photo slides, its just beautiful here.

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There’s lots of strange shape looking plants too like the cactus in the photo above. I saw signage of Flower Dome Cafe while we walk but too bad we can’t check it out because of time constrain. It would be nice to come early and sip coffee and enjoy the weather and the views, probably next time!

2. Cloud Forest

After almost one hour at the Flower Dome we finally entering the Cloud Forest. The entrance was impressive there is a mist and a 35 metre indoor waterfall (the highest indoor waterfall in the world!). I only have a “WOW” facto in mind at the time. If someday we lost all the forest due to human self destruct & global warming, this will be the only place to see one.

It felt really chilled with the mist, feels like raining from the 35 feet waterfall; plus theres so many Wood Dragon Sculpture around. How does this Cloud Forest Felt after Visitor Time Finished yea? Must be scary.

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The slides photo above: –

I’m not so sure if a height fright person should do this walk. Parents with young children even push along their baby stroller here so i guess it depend on the person.

There’s limestone too, I wasn’t expected this. Good for young City children to learn.

The high mountain above is the back of the waterfall in the earlier photos.

We cant spend time at the gallery because the place is almost close; only managed to grab 1 small souvenirs *sad*. They close sharp at 10pm! I wish they have souvenirs machine outside though at least I could get some scenic coins!

3. The Lantern

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Love all these lanterns, they made them in such to show the cultures of the people of the olden days.

Marina Bay Resorts

As we walk out of the Garden, we found a straight bridge walkaway across the highway, passing by Marina Bay Resorts toward the Marina Bay Sand.


Spectacular view of the night from the walkaway especially that ferries wheel.

4. Marina Bay Sands

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Spectacular architecture. just like the conservatories! Means, daylight during the day and save energy. So many shops here but all were closed. This morning our Uber guy was saying “you need around 5 days to tour Singapore so that you have enough time”. Only by then we realise that its so much to see and 3 nights isn’t enough!

We had supper at the foodcourt as its the only place open after 10pm that we found. Still many people there even though the shops were already closed.

We took a peek from outside of the Casino but we didn’t enter as we were wearing shorts and felt inappropriate. So this one to be visit next time =).

If you’re plan to come here, do come early and take lots of photos.

Thanks for reading! XOXO!


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