Hello again lovelies I shall continue from the last travel post!
Departing Bali to Singapore for a short Vacay (actually we all running out of Bali before the Volcano Erupt – Mount Agung). We flew Air Asia as its the No 1 Budget Airlines. Lucky for us to go soon after some villages has been evacuated.

Food on Board – Chicken Manchurian

After we arrived Changi Airport, we took a taxi straight to the hotel 81 Elegance at Foch Rd. This place isn’t fancy, just a small room for sleeping and shower as we had enough rest in Bali and we will explore the City this time around.

The Receptions

The room have a queen bed, kettle and some coffee and tea. Theres flatscreen tv on the wall too. Its funny i forgot to take the room photo probably too tired and the only photo i have is the bathroom. Nevertheless, the room is fine and bathroom is good, very clean and the shower is great! After 10 days of salt water shower in Bali I finally get the shower I deserved.


We had dinner downstairs as theres lots of Chinese stalls around the corner. Really cheap. You could get below 5$ meal.

$5 Chicken rice set

After dinner we decided to get some cloths and we walk to City Square mall. The walk were about 15-20min depending on your walking speed.

City Square Mall

Its nice to walk in the evening, as many others too as its the most safe country in the world anyway.


I only took some photos here and you can see there’s a lot of sales going on. Cheap bargains and lots of people too! We did our leisure attire shopping here for the next couple of days! Definitely no laundry and theres no time for that!.

City Square Mall

Thats all for the first evening in Singapore. Ill be back! *wink*