BALI part 12- Nusa Lembongan

Day 6

1-The breakfast and Oka Bungalo 7 Exploring

Good morning again beautiful view. Yes Im getting darker since day 1 i step foot on this island😅. We took the same breakfast, me with my toast and him with his banana pancakes!

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For your informations, these bungalows are located on a steep hill side. We are so lucky to be placed on room 1 which of the lowest ground and still have an awesome view. There are about 9 bungalows here and each bungalow is next to one another just like in the photo and divided by the staircases. The route is very steep and i cant imagine to walk up and down every time you want to get food. To bring up luggages is another level. The highest bungalow is No 8 and 9 and i think you need 10-15min mountain climbing! Its not suitable for old people that is not active and small children. The view from the highest ground of Oka Bungalo7 is amazing. The privilege of staying up there is theres room for 4 people. Perhaps if you booked for 4 the hotel will definitely put you there🤣. Ive also read a review on other resort next door. The reviewers said its a million steps to his room and i was laughing when i read before but now i know the challenge! just imagine if you’re running to go back to the toilet, you might not be on time!! 😬

2- Lunch at Oka 7 Restaurant

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Today we decided to have lunch at our own hotel restaurant. So I’ll review on this one today. We choose a seat at the corner so that we are able to get the best view. The price of the dishes are not expensive. Its good for the place and view. We had ice chocolate and orange juice, very tasty for the hot day. Our calamari starter, tasty! The Chicken Chop rice, good as well! The club sandwich: Unexpected huge and tasty! For the price we pay, affordable and comes with an awesome view. An Afternoon view from Oka 7 😍 whats more to ask? Its perfect!

3- The Coffee/Tea Time

Since its the last day to explore the Island, we decided to go to Kenya Coffee again. This time around the sun is still up so my photo isn’t dark😉.

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4- BFresh Juice Bar & Coffee Corner

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Been looking for this cafe on the first day we arrived but its located at a secluded area (the back of the main street and we only found it yesterday but it was closed). So we decided to come back and verify ourself if the reviews are as good as it said. They even have a chalk board outside the shop with varieties to choose from. We had Pineapple sunset and Mango Smoothie. The cafe is operated by local owner, and she is very good in explaining their menu’s. Our smoothie are pure juice and its awesome! I saw bad reviews from some customer on Trip Advisor regarding the food here. My opinion is look at the title of the cafe/restaurant/shop before you leave a bad review, this place specialise in juices and smoothies so its not a restaurant and don’t expect the moon and star if you want to dine in plus the price is cheap! So that’s all from BFresh Juice. Great place for smoothie.

4-Dinner at Muntigs

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This was our last dinner here =( We had the table by the pool overlooking the dark beach and sea. We love the spring rolls and the food presentation. Our main Course was The Traditional Indonesian Rendang Chicken Rice, both were tasty. We love the desserts too and we think its the best dessert in Nusa Lembongan! Staff’s here are well trained and attentive!


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Overall eating here is a thumbs up. They provide the best service and very customer oriented. This place even offer a pickup and drop off service to the customer. So if you are planning for a good dinner, make a reservation and they will pick you from your hotel.

Thanks again for reading 😘😘

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