Bali Part 11- Nusa Lembongan

Day 5

1- The Morning, The View, The Breakfast


I really enjoyed the view here. For those who love to meditate i think you can do it here as well 😬.  Toast bread or pancakes with coffee/tea and juice or fruits, choice is yours.

2-Lunch at Rocky Resto

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Having lunch here. This restaurant serves bbq and grill during the night. Its next to Warung99. The restaurant is decently decorated, warm and hot during the day but there is enough fan for ventilating.

The fried banana is so yummy and really suggesting to try this here. We decided to try their fried fish with rice & fish and chips.

The fish and chips is not too bad, but  would be better if theres salad and vegetables to compliment. The fried fish with the sambal (its actually a preserved shrimps); very tasty (stinks to some) until all the flies start coming😱😱. At first they were just one or two but eventually so many flies coming make us so uncomfortable. The staff have to light up candles for us but the flies still coming and we have to eat quickly. OMG! The staff were saying because the fish dishes thats attract flies. So Im not so sure if we eat at night would be the same. We manage to finish without choking though😅. Food wise this place is good. Not too expensive nor cheap.

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Selfies! And yes thats my lunch view. All i can do here is dining overlooking the blue ocean! Its so bright outside making the photo so dark.

Peace Yo!

3- Dinner at Ware Ware Restaurant

This restaurant is just on the front rows of out hotel, a two deck restaurant. The roof top sections is open air roof top so we dine in the dim with candles on the table while the stars as our roof😉. We had ice latte float and hot chocolate. Its really good they dont jeapordize the ingredients🤣. photo from another angle. Sirloin steak- The Steak is good and cooked well. Blackpepper Chicken – This one is okay too. Some people come here just to drink and relax. The place is cozy and they play musics

downstairs. People coming here at day time as well regardless of how hot it is just to take photo. For me i wont do that though ill melt under the sun on this roof! So if you’re planning a romantic dinner, Ware Ware Restaurant is one of the choices too.

We have to go down to th cashier to pay, and they actually charge us for the food they forgot to prepare (onion rings), lucky i remembered and the casheir deduct that! So check your bills before paying, the staff wont know if they missed their orders.

Ill update this blog with the receipt if i can still find it. Thanks for reading. xoxo❤️

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