Bali Part 9 – Nusa Ceningan

Day 3

1-Breakfast at The Dafish

The Breakfast

Towards afternoon we decided going to chill at The Palms Cafe down the road to chill. The Palm Cafe is only 2 min walk from The Dafish.

2- Lunch at The Palms Hotel & Cafe

The Entrance

The Entrance view to the Hotel is beautiful.

The Palms Sea Views

The Menu

The surfers ViewThe view is beautiful here. You can just sit and watch the waves or drink something and read a book.

Cafe View

Its sunny sitting outside so we found shades.

Cafe View
Cafe View
Temple View

The temple at the corner wrap in yellow cloth. We ordered pizza and Nachos for lunch all photos below.


Nachos – not tasty at all, they added mesh red bean in exchange for the mince meat! just so little mince meat!!



The pizza was instant pizza, meat loafer? Not tasty at all. The dough were overcooked and very chewy!

Infinity Pool

Despite of the bad lunch, The Palms Cafe is really good for relaxing. Ive soaked in the pool and relax with the nature. Definitely a must go! Grab a bintang beer and dip in the pool will do. 😉

3- Dinner at The Dafish


As far as i’m concerned, The food serve at The Dafish is still the best! For dinner we had Bali coffee, Fried rice with chicken, fried noodles and spring rolls (food prep is great).

So if your coming to Nusa Ceningan, do come here to eat, all the meals suggested so that you dont waste money elsewhere🤣.

Thanks for reading!! 😘😘


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