Bali Part 5- To Nusa Ceningan

Yeap im back after the last blog about the wedding. So this time around im going to share on Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Lembongan. Took a boat ride from Sanur pier. Boat company name D’Camel, of coz i didnt see any camel around though😂. First i must tell you this, in Bali, any sort of service require you to know someone for a better price. Since we get to know people from the hotel, this boat booking was made by our airport van guy named Mr. Mede and he got us return tics for 1,000,000.00rp which includes pickup from hotel to Sanur Pier, boat ride to Nusa Ceningan, transfer to Yellow Bridge and pickup on the day we left the Nusa, to the Denpasar Airport. We overheard during check in at the pier this white guy was charged 1,000,000.00 for one way! But we cant do anythint bout it. Well, this how they do business here, even need to double confirm how much i should pay at the checkin booth because they dont have a fix price for it i assume! So when you guys plan to come here make sure to make friends and ask your tour guy to help out with the booking youll save a lot.

Above is the photo of the gate of Sanur Pier. We have to walk a bit as cars aren’t allowed to go inside.

Views of the booths along the pier.

Checkin at the D’camel booth.

D’Camel booth

Sticker on the shirt of the drop off.

Jungutbatu- Nusa Lembongan -This is where all the boat drops us after +- 30minutes boat ride.Yellow Bridge

This the only bridge that connects Nusa Ceningan to Nusa Lembongan. Yes, we have to walk on this bridge pulling every single luggage to the other side as only scooter/motorbike can ride on this. Yellow bridge and me🏝👣


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