Hello again & good day all 😬!

Today i wana share about Juicee drinks that i first time tried. After a long walk in and out shops at the mall my sister and i finally thirsty and looked for something to drink🥃. So, we kind of looking for “the best deal” and found this!👇

Valid on Monday to Friday Only from 12noon to 6pm.

Its really cheap so we ordered Sweet Surrender and Passion Punch (each is Rm5.90).

The place is cozy and some sofas too if you plan to chill.

There are other type of drinks as well as milk Tea. I know my Babe Farra will love that milky tea stuff 😅.
In my opinion Sweet surrender is good but a bit sweet for me. Passion Punch is alright and just nice.
So guys you can share with me your favourite juice drinks out there too.

Thanks for reading! XOXO😘