NYX Malaysia “Element” Limited Edition Palette Private Event

NYX Element Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palette

9 September 2017, IoI Putrajaya- NYX Malaysia has launched The New limited Edition Palette called the “Element”. It was very exclusive event for only those who rsvp and i was lucky enough because my lovely blogger friend rsvp for me😘.

👇 This is how the setup for the event. Gorgeous piece!

We were greeted well by the organizer upon registration and theres also light snacks provided. The friendly waitress.

Of coz we have to take photos right? Thats is all about it, with NYX backdrop😘 plus gorgeous friends😘😘😘.. oh ya mind our bare face. We didnt expect everyone that came will be fully makeup😅😅..

Theres photo booth, nail booth and tattoo booth. whichever you like😍. And i had my temporary sticker tattoo.. kinda cool isnt it..We all did, wht do you think😅We also que for getting numbers for lucky draws and its interesting to actually peeling off stickers to see what number you will get😉Here it begins…Our mcee Ms Renee, with our MUA Roshar giving a talk about his work.The catwalk start…

Explaination by Roshar..

Mua Roshar with all the models👇👇👇

Now, im going to introduce you to all the palettes involved that makes our gorgeous model looks so stunning.

1- Palette METAL2- Palette AIR3 – Palette FIRE4 – Palette WIND5 – Palette EARTH6 – Palette WATERIts was really a great show and i hope you girls get to book these as its only pre-order. Also our wefies with the models:Our photos from the photo booth! 💃💃Making faces is part of the journey..😬

Last but not least we got our lucky draw, rm50 Nail spa voucher.. we do need to add extra though but i haven’t call for inquiry😎. The other one got a lip pouch, super cute.

For any inquiries or ordering do come to NYX Flagship Store IOI Putrajaya yea!

Thanks for reading! Xoxo


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