Hair Spa/Scalp Treatment- Miracle Hair Expert

Anyone tried scalp or hair treatment here before? I did mine after a persuasive seller sold a rm35 voucher to me. She said any treatment can be done at any hair length but its nice to hear right? In order to get the voucher sold.

Upon arriving the respective consultant had a session of explaining what to be done and did the scalp check and scan. So she said i have an oily scalp and need to add 480rm if i want to fix this “problem”. Remember the lady that sold the voucher? She never mentioned this. So i was telling this lady this is a mislead marketing strategy and its confusing. So after a discussion we still proceed with the “normal” treatment as in wash, tonic, steam and blow dry. I went with my sister so she told me she was also been suggested to add 480rm for a dry scalp treatment but because she’s a student the consultant told her that she can give her 50% off as in 280rm! Wow so nice huh? 😏.

After the steaming process done as the pic above, the lady started to blow dry my hair. Towards the end of the blow dry one of the staff enter and told her to assist a new customer outside for consultation and keep telling her to stop drying my hair. What a rude person she is. Just because i dont want buy any packages from them she can acted that way?

So next time if any of you wanted to try their so call Trial please make sure you ask them everything first.

The trial sets of shampoo, conditioner and tonic was given after finished. I am not sure how good is this products because i dont feel any different to my scalp after washing it here. It’s much better at the saloon that i regularly go.

Thanks for reading 💃

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